About Myanmar Quest

We are Myanmar Quest – a boutique travel agency specialized in bespoke tours of the country. Our company tailor-makes all trips to cater to individual needs, offering a personalised approach so you can discover the magic of Myanmar on your terms. Top-quality customer service and unforgettable travel experiences are what we do best at Myanmar Quest.

Myanmar Quest is a boutique travel agency on a mission to promote the magic of Myanmar to the rest of the world. We’ve travelled the length and breadth of the country to forge relationships with the most reputable travel services in the land. And through these strategic alliances, we offer tailor-made itineraries to include everything from major must-see sites to remote off-the-beaten-track experiences. 

Our hand-picked selection of local service providers has been in the tourism game for decades. And through exceptional customer service and a 100% bespoke approach, we offer you the ideal Myanmar itinerary to suit your budget, time constraints, and tastes. 

Our Story

Myanmar Quest began when our founder first visited the country in 2018. Like so many before him, he felt overwhelmed by its untamed exotic beauty and warm, friendly people.

After many years in isolation, Myanmar remains refreshingly authentic in its culture and customs, a land where thanaka-painted faces beam bright smiles and men still proudly wear traditional longyi skirts. Intrepid travellers come to Myanmar to experience mystical ancient traditions and enchanting spiritual practices rather than the gentrified tourist sights you’ll find elsewhere in South East Asia.  

But things are changing fast in modern-day Myanmar, as foreign influence alters the social fabric of this newly opened state. Put simply: Myanmar’s unrivalled authenticity has a limited shelf-life–the best time to go is now. 

Our Mission

Myanmar has a bad rap. Bias media coverage from an alarmist international press portrays the country as a lawless warzone, a place where innocent tourists could get caught up in the carnage at a moment’s notice.  

The truth is Myanmar is the safest country in South East Asia. Violent crime is unheard of in its pacifist culture, especially against revered foreign guests. And the danger zones that do exist are virtually impossible to visit–military roadblocks prevent tourists from accidentally wandering astray. 

It’s precisely these widely-spread misconceptions that Myanmar Quest aims to quash. We want to show the world Myanmar is a safe place to visit again. We endeavour to employ creative solutions to bring new travellers into the country and rebuild the economy through sustainable and ethical tourism. 

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