Food in Myanmar

If you think of Myanmar as a country that borders India, China and Thailand, you've already got a good idea of what the food might be like - curries, noodles, rice, and spices all play their part.

Curries aren't fiery, though - most food here is relatively mild and sweet. And if you're not so keen on curry, you'll find a selection of salads, often quite tart (with lime juice) and sometimes sweet. Noodles may come in soup, like the national staple mohinga, or mixed with vegetables and meat.

Street food is ubiquitous, including noodle dishes, sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf, and barbecued meat. In the big cities, you can also find Chinese and Indian restaurants - though they will often give you a slightly Burmese spin on their national cuisines.

Vegetarians will find life relatively easy since many Buddhist families have a meat-free diet during the Buddhist 'Lent'. 

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