How safe is Myanmar?

Most tourists visit Myanmar safely and have no problems. However, some areas of the country are off-limits to tourists, and with good reason. Parts of the north-east (Rakhine state) and east of the country (particularly parts of Shan State) are closed, due to political tension and occasional military actions.

It's best to keep up with your own country's government advice on travel to Myanmar. The situation can change quickly and while Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan should continue to be safe places, if you're heading off the beaten track you may find your options change. Over the past decade, the government has tried to open more and more areas of the country to foreign travellers, but occasionally areas that were previously safe have to be red-pencilled.

There is little crime against foreigners. Touts can be a nuisance at a few sites - though most are fairly relaxed - you are more likely to find people approaching you in the street or at pagodas just to chat and practise their English. Do watch out for monkeys, though - they are real bandits, motivated by anything that looks shiny or might contain food, and they can have a nasty bite.

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